Immunity Boosting Package for COVID-19 Prevention

Choose Corona Virus Home Quarantine Packages and Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation from the Comfort of your Home through our Virtual Home Care. Our Team of Expert Doctors will always be there to Help You.

Rs. 3,000


Rs. 5,500


Patients Feedback

I am suffering with fistual long back, and i have gone through surgery but after some days same problem repeatedly coming, in mean while i used to watch some videos of Dr. G. K Reddy sir and came to Sri Visista, Doctor gave good medication and suggested good diet plan.I am completely cured and extremly thank full to Doctor garu and thank full to Dr.Malathi mam, she took care during treatment , thanks to all members at sri visista.

Dondapati Sreenivasulu

I am suffering from fistula almost one year, I searched online I found Dr.G.K Reddy sir ,expert in ksharasutra treatment and I visited sri visista super speciality ayurveda and took treatment from Dr.G.K Reddy sir ,He treated me with care , I really thank full to Docctor and cooperative staff. I referred some of my friends and relatives .Good treatment and I am feeling very happy .special thanks to Dr.G.K.Reddy sir

Venkateshwarlu A

I am suffering from fistula long back, i saw a paper statement of doctor G.KReddy sir and consulted .he explaind about my condition and suggested ksharsutra treatment for 5 months.i follow the diet which he suggested and now completly cured.I thankfull to doctor G.K.Reddy sir and who are helping my treatment.good hospital and caring staff.

Janardhan Reddy