Retd. Prof. Dr.B.Venkataiah

Chief Consultant
Expert In Panchakarma & Shalakya


Retd. Professor B.Venkataiah is also Known as Guru of Ayurvedic Doctors and an Renowned Shalakya Specialist in A.P. & Telangana.

Prof.B.VENKATAIAH is now serving as a Chief Consultant for “Sri Visista Super Speciality Ayurveda Hospital” spearheads all professionally challenging disease Segements with high encouraging results.

Professor B.Venkataiah has been dedicating himself in critical evaluation of diversified chronic diseases that are challenging the human race for ages. People who come with pain and agony will go back with smile on their faces after his expert treatment. Dr.B.V has given thousands of consultations and participated in many workshops across India.

He has vast Clinical and teaching experience. He served in various capacities as Medical Officer , Senior Medical Officer and Civil Surgeon Besides his own speciality of Shalakya he has expertised in treating highly complicated and chronic diseases like – Cancer, Mental Retardation, Muscular Dystrophy, IBS, BPH, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Chron’s Syndrome, Anorexia nervosa, Bell’s Palsy, Paralysis (Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and Quadriplegia) Chronic Liver Problems, Male and Female Infertility to name few. He innovates new treatment methods and researches to develop needed medicines for various diseases and help to reduce the disease burden on the society.

He was responsible for bringing number of reforms in the working of doctors in AYUSH streem. He guides the Institutions and Practitioners in developing new formulations for various diseases. He was consultant in the Centre for Good Governance, Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Management (MCRHRM), Hyderabad . He helped the Government of Andhra Pradesh to streamline the Government Ayurvedic Pharmacy. In this assignment he studied number of Government and Private Pharmacies in and outside the state of Andhra Pradesh to make the recommendations.

He has dedicated his life to Ayurveda Practice

Patients Feedback

Very good hospital for Psoriasis treatment. Dr Venkataiah garu is expert in Ayurveda. Happy to get totally cured. Thank you Dr.Venkataiah Sir and Sri Visista therapy staff.

Pradeep Raju

We are very happy with Sri Visista Dr Venkataiah Sir treatment. My wife was suffering with Arthritis, pains in all joints. We were advised to go for surgery by allopathy Doctors for the initial pains that started in right hand and wrist, but as we did not want surgery, we were looking for alternative treatments. By the time we had known about Sri Visista and Dr Venkataiah Sir my wife was suffering with severe pains in whole body, but once she started treatment advised by Venkataiah Sir pains reduced, it took about one year to totally get rid of arthritis, We are very much indebted to Venkataiah Sir and Sri Visista for my Wife recovery.

Sai Kumar

My neck pain reduced totally with their panchakarma treatment and medicine. I was given good advice with yoga, medicine and diet along with the treatment. They take care of my total life style and I changed for good. Thank you Sri Visista, Dr. Venkataiah Sir for all your help.

Rajesh Venketesham