Cancer? Add life to your years with Ayurveda

By far Cancer is the most feared disease that woes humanity. The condition, which threatens slow painful death, is the first disease that people think of when they experience pain/lump in the body.

While Cancer unlike any other disease is a devasting disease, ancient Ayurveda regimes assure the likelihood of getting cured of it with proper treatment and care. Without further ado, let’s go into detail to know more about on this.

From the roots

Taking instances from recent times, cancer is more prevalent today than ever before. This also hints that Cancer is not a new term, which means Cancer is known to exist for thousand years. Ancient classic texts show this evidently with clinical features that resemble the symptoms of Cancer in vedic period. For the same reason, it’s thence true that practitioners have been trying to study and help manage this condition from then. Keeping this in mind, it can’t be neglected that Ayurveda possesses the benefit of historic knowledge to help and manage Cancer.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda familiarizes treating Cancer more specifically. Patient’s age, constitution, the season the condition occurred, dietary habits, are all considered foremost. This helps to understand the dosa’s and support the patient’s overall health. Treatment also includes proposing changes in lifestyle, herbal remedies, meditation, and dietary regimes. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Ayurveda boons in two ways- to add years to your life and render a multidisciplinary approach that abides to reverse the dosas with natural remedies.

With the commitment to provide comprehensive Ayurvedic solutions to your ailments, the specialists at Sri Visista are here at your call. We have experts specialized in understanding and treating Cancer naturally. Call us today, to book an appointment.


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