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Dr. P.Krupasalvinil has graduated in B.A.M.S. from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India.

Dr. P.Krupasalvinil has joined our Hospital at Vishakhapatnam in June 2018. He was engaged as a Resident medical Officer.

The Scope of work as a Resident Medical Officer is to oversee functional aspects of

  1. Minor OT operations
  2. Central sterile and supply department
  3. Ksharasutra Preparation
  4. Panchakarma therapies
  5. Preparation of case sheet.
  6. Follow up of patients.

He plays an active role in conducting training programs for the medical and administrative staff as per NABH standards. He also willing involves in presenting awareness programs on Ayurveda at selected few places in the city.

The Resident medical officer plays a vital role executing the concept of Swarna Prashana on a specific day every month. They spend quality time with parents in creating awareness about the importance of Swarna Prashana for healthier child growth.