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Dr P Rashmitha
Sr Physician​​

Dr. Rashmitha is a renowned Anorectal and Gynaeic specialist .She has successfully treated female patients with Ano rectal problems like fissure ,haemorrhoids and gynaeic problems such as Leuorrhoes ( white discharge ), irregular cycles, pco’s, infertility. She has vast experience in pediatric deseases as well.

Dr Rashmitha has done her B.A.M.S from Vaghdevi Ayurvedic medical college Warangal in the year 2006.She has done her yoga teacher training course from Gandhi Gyan mandir yoga kendra and since then has been treating patients with chronic ailments through her theraptic yoga(disease based yoga) classes.

Dr Rashmitha Worked as a medical officer in Tanvi Hospitals, Hyd and worked as a therapeutic yoga instructor and medical officer. Specialist in therapeutic yoga. Dr Rashmitha is now working as a consultant in SRIVISISTA SUPER SPECIALITY AYURVEDA HOSPITAL.