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Dr. G.K. Reddy
Sr. Consultant – Anorectal Specialist​

Dr. G.K Reddy well versed in Panchakarma procedures for various chronic progressive degenarative diseases. In his vast experience thousands of his patients got very good relief from nagging Back Pain, Neck pain, Disc problems, Arthritis, Piles, Fistula, Fissues, IBS, Socially embarassing Skin problems etc.
Dr. G.K Reddy is well experienced and versatile in Ksharasutra a known procedure in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Clinically he successfully treats highly complicated chronic diseases. He innovates new treatment techniques and train Juniors.

Dr. G.K Reddy is a illustrious Anorectal Specialist in A.P and Telangana, multi-faceted Ayurveda Physician, Public speaker, TV personality. He currently serves as M.D. of “SRI VISISTA AYURVEDA HOSPITAL”, spearheads all Ano rectal clinical conditions. His live programs, which are periodically broadcasting on leading channels such as TV5, NTV, TV9, V6 in AP and T-News other channels in Telangana.

Dr. G.K Reddy is a pioneer in applying modern technology combining with ancient Indian life sciences – Ayurveda, and innovated the Best Ayurvedic Medicine in 2006 called Madhuriktha that manages Diabetics and its complications without any side effects. He is also credited with initiating the AP’s first Ayurvedic telemedicine center that provides free health consultations through phone. Dr. G.K Reddy established SRI VISISTA SUPER SPECIALITY AYUARVEDA HOSPITAL which treats thousands of patients every year globally.

Dr. G.K Reddy has been dedicating himself in popularizing Ayurveda across the globe from 2004 and gave consultations , attended workshops across India.